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Injuries in male versus female soccer players: epidemiology ...

Overall male players sustained more cont usions, fractures, joint dislocations and musculotendinous injuries than female players. Proportionally, females sustained more severe injuries than men (p<0.0001). Significantly more injuries where sustained during competition in both males and females.

Why Female Soccer Players Suffer More ACL Injuries

Unfortunately, women are 3 times more likely than men to tear their ACL playing soccer. When we look at elite level soccer players this jumps to women being 7 times more likely! Here are some reasons that explain why this is true. Soccer is a fast paced game with unpredictable movements when tracking the ball, or defending another player.

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Comparing sports injuries in men and women

Overall, no statistically significant gender difference was found for injuries per 100 participant-years (52.5 for female athlete versus 47.7 for males). A statistically significant gender difference in injury incidence (p < 0.001) was seen for two sports: swimming and water polo.

Injuries in women’s professional soccer | British Journal of ...

In a 5 day invitational tournament in 1985 with over 6000 players, Schmidt-Olsen et al found that females aged 17–19 had a much higher injury rate (47.1 per 1000 h) compared to males in the same age group (20.6 per 1000 h). 20 In 1984, Maehlum et al studied injuries at the Norway Cup, one of the world’s largest youth club tournaments, and found the injury rate to be twice as high in females as in males. 21 In 1999, Maehlum et al compared values from the 1984 tournament to the 1993 and ...

Women’s soccer injuries: Data from the NCAA | Dr. David Geier ...

The proportion of injuries that are concussions (9.2 percent) in NCAA women’s soccer players is nearly double the proportion seen in NCAA men’s soccer players (5.5 percent). Surgery resulted from 2.4 percent of all injuries. Source: NCAA Sports Injury Fact Sheets.

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The gender gap in sports injuries - Harvard Health

Injuries of this ligament are up to 6 times more common among women than men. And a number of other sports-related injuries are also more common among women. What injuries are most common among female athletes? Ankle sprain. This is the most common sports injury in both men and women, but it’s particularly common among women. Shoulder troubles. Examples include rotator cuff problems (including tendon inflammation, or tendinitis) and instability.

Study: Women Soccer Players Preen and 'Flop' Less than Men ...

At their dramatic best, when rolling on the ground with an injury (or feigning one), men stay down 30 seconds longer than women.

Men's football vs Women's football - Oh My Goal - YouTube

The 2019 Women’s World Cup is in full swing… It’s a chance for us to take a look at some of the most common prejudices people have about women’s football, to...