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Volley. Start in the ready position (1) Prepare early; Take a short backswing (2) Contact the ball level to front foot a comfortable distance from body, arm slightly bent (3) Step into the shot; Punch racket at the ball - no follow-through (4) Maintain a firm grip and balance; Return to ready position (1)

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This shot most definitely takes good hand-eye coordination, patience to perfect it, and balance. How: A neutral stance is most effective for this volley if the player has time. The back knee should be bent to allow the player to get down to the level of the ball, and help to keep a strong foundation.

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General Skills – Teaching points Ready Position • Feet shoulder width apart • Weight on our toes (slide a piece of paper under your heel) • Knees bent (knees over toes) • Rounded shoulders and back (shoulders over knees) • Arms slightly bent, palms facing up (holding a platter) The Volley Precontact

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This lack of good imagery of world class volleys probably contributes to the inaccuracy and ineffectiveness of most terminology used in traditional teaching. The two most common volley tips are "Punch the Volley," and "Keep a Firm Wrist." Neither is an accurate description of the actual volley motions.

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Step 1 – Prepare for the volley by opening your wrist by 45 degrees. 1. Plant your feet shoulder-width apart and look for good balance. Try to feel the ground well. In this volley drill, you won’t be moving your feet at first, so just find a good stable position. 2.

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The forward swing should travel from high to low, aiming to hit the ball downwards. The racket should follow through very slightly, pointing towards the intended target, mimicking a chopping ...

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The first point of any game or tiebreak the serving player (server) must stand behind the baseline to the right side of the centre mark when facing the net (deuce/first court). For the second point of a game or tiebreak the server stands to the left of the centre mark (ad/second court).

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...Simply put, The 15 Points Of Tennis teaches a systematic way to develop your skillset and make tennis more fun. It all centers around the Kinetics - the most effective way to build technique that makes your movements more energy efficient without needing huge amounts of strength or athletic ability.