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Your best tennis swing can help your golf game

With the racquet in your left hand only, channel your inner Nadal and make a backhand return. Rotate in a mini-backswing (photos below), then swing the racquet through as you rotate forward. At ...

The Tennis Swing Vs. The Golf Swing – Quick Fix Golf

Is the Tennis Swing Anything Like the Golf Swing? Well I think the back hand tennis swing is very much like the golf swing. I’m going to prove it to you with the video below of a tennis pro in New York, Chris Porte. Chris sent us a video of his back hand questioning whether I thought the two swings had any similarity.

ATP Forehands Compilation in Slow Motion - Tennis Forehand ...

ATP Forehands Compilation in Slow Motion - Tennis Forehand Slow Motion. In this video, you'll see slow-motion forehands of Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal, Novak D...

Beat The Golf Slice With A Tennis Racket - Golf Tips Magazine

Now back to our forehand in tennis. To transition this feel into your golf swing, as a drill, take your golf club in your right hand (right-handers) and hold it a little bit above the ground. Imagine a ball is coming at you, and hit a forehand! Let your instincts take over. Make several swings like this until you can really feel that forehand hit.

School of Golf: Mardy Fish Compares Golf Swing with Tennis ...

Mardy Fish shows Martin Hall how his tennis game has applied to playing golf. Fish describes how the grip and swinging motion are similar in both sports. Do...

Tennis Swing vs. The Golf Swing - YouTube

A comparison of the tennis back hand stroke vs. the golf swing. Notice the similarities that can be carried over to either sport.Remember, you can always ge...

Ruthless Golf: Forehand Control

The forehand swing loads the shaft in a way the backhand swing can’t. If you’re a strong person with strong forearms, you can really blast the ball with this stroke. Pulling the club back: The shoulder of a forehand player is positioned behind the club before it starts the backswing, so the player pulls the club away from the ball. This is a much stronger position, both in terms of muscle power expended and in the wrist position.

Why tennis players make the best golfers | GolfMagic

Table tennis, badminton and squash players, while having a good eye for the ball, tend to be too wristy at first for golf where the technique is to swing the club using the shoulders and arms.

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