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Tennis Forehand Checklist

3 Thanks for downloading this free report / checklist that contains the short version of the 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand Technique. It’s a quick reminder on WHAT are the key steps in building the

Forehand POWER Checklist - Fault Tolerant Tennis

Forehand POWER Checklist 1. Drive off of the back leg This is a proprioceptive cue – to increase power, you should actually think about driving... 2. Relax Force production necessitates tension; driving really really hard off the back leg, requires a really really... 3. Breath in, then exhale ...


#1 LEARNING CHECKLIST: Understand the skill and why each checkpoint is important; Use it a few times until you have a solid understanding #2 QUICK CHECKLIST: It's a SHORTER version; Use it a lot - Use it while you practice ; The repetition of even just thinking about each checkpoint or seeing what it should look like will translate into "good habits"

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These checklists will teach you how to develop a take-back-loop to create rhythm and consistency and generate power and spin through a whipping action in your arm. With an intermediate forehand, you no longer take your racket back and wait for the ball. Instead you use a take-back-loop. TEST CHECKLIST PAGE 2.

TEST CHECKLIST PAGE 1 - Checklist Academy

Checklists - Beginner Forehand: Footwork of The Beginner Forehand; Impact Point of The Beginner Forehand; Low-To-High Swing Path of The Beginner Forehand; Take Back of The Beginner Forehand; Hit With Your Whole Body; The Wrist; Progressions: Fundamentals for the Intermediate Forehand; Common Mistakes - Beginner Forehand: Hitting Long; No Power

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Skill checklist assessment 1. Tennis skill checklist Forehand stroke Points 4 3 2 1 Number of “Yes” 5-6 3-4 1-2 0 Backhand stroke Points 4 3 2 1... 2. Yes No Hold the racket in continental grip Step to meet the ball in front or side of body Transfer weight forward... 3. Tossing arm extended forward ...

Beginning Tennis - Study Guide

Eastern Forehand Grip This grip is best for beginners and intermediate players. It provides feel, control, and the right angle to the racket head when swung properly. Place your hand flat against the strings and slide it down to the grip, shake hands with the racket. The base knuckle of your index finger slides onto bevel 3.

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand

Tennis Forehand Technique – 8 Steps To A Modern Forehand Step 1: The Grip How you grip the racket is very important for your forehand because the grip translates the feel from... Step 2: The Ready Position & State Now that we’ve set the grip right, we need to get in a ready position. I often see... ...